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IEBT - Drug-Free Workplace Programs Administrator and Nationwide Mobile Drug Testing Network

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IEBT - About Us

IEBT History - Judith A. Miller, Founder

IEBT began operation in February of 1988 in the City of Green, Ohio. The company soon progressed to an office site in downtown Akron, Ohio. In the early days of IEBT, the primary service was providing paramedical examination services to insurance companies for their clients applying for life and health insurance. The unique aspect of the paramedical examinations is that the procedures are conducted at the client's home.

IEBT Mobile Drug Testing UnitIt was from the "in home" service in which IEBT's "On Location" drug and alcohol testing was created. As the mobile drug and alcohol testing started to obtain popularity among businesses, IEBT tested various methods of providing mobile services. Although the mobile unit pictured to the right is still used by our office, most employers would rather have testing services done inside their facilities. This generally provides the employee with a more comfortable and familiar surroundings while eliminating the time consuming process of sending employees to a clinic or the too public approach of a mobile testing unit. The mobile drug and alcohol testing unit is still used however, for companies where facilities are not available. (Constructions sites for example).

On Location testing moved on to national status in 1994 when our focus turned to providing our multi-state accounts with coverage for all of their locations. This allowed companies to call one office to order testing. IEBT then takes the process from start to finish and provides the company with level pricing for all locations on a single list billing. IEBT accomplished this with our Affiliate Office program.  IEBT has Affiliate offices throughout the US and part of Canada. IEBT has been very careful not to stray from the business of drug and alcohol testing. It has long been our belief that diversifying into areas not directly related to drug testing puts too much stress on our quality of service. 

IEBT Today

In the 90's, Drug-Free Workplace Programs became increasingly difficult for companies to manage.  Due in large part to ever-increasing government regulation and compliance issues, it became more and more difficult for companies to effectively develop, monitor and administer their programs.  Many programs became counter-productive due to lost expense, time, and energy. Small businesses were especially hurt by federal mandates that forced them to seek out and hire Testing Facilities, Employee Assistance Programs and Substance Abuse Professionals.  This category of business faces the same challenges today, but on an even larger scale. 

In 1994, IEBT stepped to the forefront to develop an effective Third-Party Administration Model that allowed companies to effectively set-up and maintain their programs, while focusing on running their business.  Working shoulder to shoulder with government and business, IEBT led the way in developing a process that today covers every regulatory aspect of drug-testing administration including policy development, training and education, drug and alcohol testing,  compliance reporting, and more. 

IEBT Drug Free Workplace Policy Development

Simply put, this TPA model puts your drug and alcohol testing administration into the hands of professionals, simplifying Drug-Free Workplace Process on a Cost-effective Basis!

Today businesses, no matter how small or large, public or private, can partner with IEBT to insure the benefits that a Drug and Alcohol Free Workplace has to offer.  Whether you have an existing program, or are looking to implement one, rest assured that a company with nearly 20 years of experience in this industry can serve your needs no matter what they may be.  



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Applicable Services Available On-Site at Your Company's Location

Workplace Services

Urine Drug Testing 
Hair Drug Testing 
Legal Hair Drug Testing 
Level of Detection Hair Testing 
Breath Alcohol Testing 
Saliva Alcohol Testing 
Urine Alcohol Testing 
Instant Urine Drug Testing 
Expert Witness 
Medical Review Officer (MRO) 
Full Third Party Administration 
Random Selections 
DFWP Policy Development

Bureau of Workers' Comp. (BWC) 
Premium Discount Programs 
BWC-DFWP Policy Development 
Employee Training 
Supervisor Training 
Breath Alcohol Testing 
Saliva Alcohol Testing
Urine Drug Testing 
Expert Witness 
Medical Review Officer (MRO) 
Full Third Party Administration 
Random Selections 

DOT Services

Urine Drug Testing
Breath Alcohol Testing (BAT)
Saliva Alcohol Testing (STT)
Physical Examinations
Supervisor Training
Expert Witness
Medical Review Officer (MRO)
Full Third Party Administration
Random Selections

DOT Policy Development
FMCSA (CDL Drivers)
USCG (Coast Guard)
RSPA (Pipeline)

Industry Training
BAT Training
STT Training
Collector Training
Instructor Training

Instant Drug Test Kits
Breath Alcohol Equipment
Drug & Alcohol Supplies
Training Supplies


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